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Tapentadol 225mg





Struggling while doing simplest of our daily activity can be hinder with our quality of life severely. Various pain relief analgesics have been developed fortunately with advancements and development of medicine in the modern world. Tapentadol, has gained every one’s attention by its potential to alleviate pain effectively. It is available in 225mg dosage value of tablets and nasal sprays. It is relatively new opioid analgesic. In this article we will know more about Tapentadol 225mg, it’s uses, risk and adverse effect along with mechanism of action.


Pharmaceutical name: Tapentadol
Trade name: nucyntha, palexia, yantil, tapenta, tapal and various others.
Class of drug: opioid
Route of administration of the drug: oral
Bioavailability: 32% (oral)
Site of metabolism: hepatic by glucuronidation.
Excreted by: urine and faeces
Onset of action: rapid, within 30minutes.
The unique composition of Tapentadol 225mg to act dually on the receptors makes it stand out from other opioids along with offering potential advantages in pain relief. It is a centrally acting analgesic which got its first approval in 2008 by the US food and drug administration (FDA), Tapentadol 225mg is the member of class of drug called as mu- opioid receptor agonists. Simultaneously, it also works on norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (NRI) making its duality its unique proposition.


In case of pain ranging from moderate to severe chronic pain which is caused by post-operative pain after surgery or pain due to traumatic injury, Tapentadol 225mg is primarily prescribed for treatment of this chronic painful conditions such as neuropathic pain, pain due to osteoarthritis and low back pain. The usage and dosage should be determined by healthcare professional based on needs, conditions and prognosis of the patient.
Tapentadol 225mg helps primarily in balanced pain relief by providing both opioid mediated analgesia and norepinephrine reuptake inhibition. It is also given to patients with diabetic neuropathy when controlling the intensity of pain. If a comparison of Tapentadol 225mg is made with other opioids, Tapentadol 225mg has shown reduced side effects and adverse reactions. It has significantly lower cases of constipation, nausea or vomiting. Tapentadol 225mg along with reduced side effects have a lower potency to develop dependency compared to other opioids, which makes it a drug of Choice for management and treatment of pain. Recent studies being conducted on the drug have shown that Tapentadol has ability to improve physical functioning of the patient along with overall wellbeing, allowing them to engage without any restriction into activities of daily living and enhance overall quality of life.


Tapentadol 225mg is generally Prescribe For chronic pain relief and is used for a quick response in short term usage. Its dosage may vary depending on History of the patient being treated and the severity of the condition. It’s very important to follow the prescribed amount of dose and for required amount of duration as provided by the healthcare professional while using Tapentadol, it’s I’ll effects in pregnancy are not adequately studied yet, and hence it is to be avoided in pregnancy, during and prior to labor pain. There are no studies done on its effects in children and hence are not prescribed to them either.
Some medical drugs and conditions may hinder the effects of Tapentadol 225mg to create an adverse effects or side effects therefore it is essential to discuss any underlying conditions or other medications within a doctor before taking Tapentadol 225mg to ensure safety. Consumption of alcohol is not advised with Tapentadol.


Like every drug Tapentadol 225mg offers several advantages but it has its red flags to be seen too, therefore it is absolutely essential to consider risk factors and precautions of this class of drug. Drowsiness, dizziness and respiratory depression are the common effects of Tapentadol 225mg like every other opioid henceforth, it is essential to be extra cautious in patients with history of respiratory problems and history of substance abuse.
Tapentadol 225mg, according to recent discoveries has been demonstrated to increase the risk of hypotension, so it’s advisable for people with problems of blood pressure to consult their doctors before using the drug. It has to be use with extra precautions in the patients with epilepsy, seizures and the ones who are taking other medications too, so that they don’t produce any adverse reactions. It’s contraindicated in patients with biliary tract disease like pancreatitis as it produces strong contractions leading to spasms of sphincter of oddi.


Prolonged and excessive use of this drug can lead to development of dependency and addiction. Since the instant pain relief often makes the patient to use the drug repeatedly leading to development of drug dependency. To minimise this risk, it is very important to follow the prescription given by the healthcare provider, and to strictly avoid the use of the drug Tapentadol 225mg for extended period of time beyond what the professionals have recommended.


Giving a promising result and being one of the easiest options as an opioid analgesic, Tapentadol 225mg offers a unique combination of two receptor mechanism combined. It works as both opioid receptor agonism and a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, making it an attention-grabbing treatment option. The unique qualities that Tapentadol 225mg presents like reduced side effects compared to other opioids, analgesic effects and lower risk potential makes it a valuable asset in healthcare profession and to healthcare professionals. However, every drug needs its own set of guidelines, and guidance by qualified personals, Tapentadol 225mg is none other, it requires surveillance and controlled measures while using the drug to reduce the potential risks and avoid adverse reactions. Drug dependency and withdrawal syndrome can also be avoided if Tapentadol 225mg is given with concern of medical professionals and providers.


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