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Soma 500mg





Musculoskeletal pain or discomfort can alter our day to day life events, they can impact our activities of daily living, limiting our mobility and overall wellbeing. Finding an effective relief is essential even if the injury is caused by any chronic or stress related conditions or an injury. This results in a general feeling of discomfort and sadness due to lack of wellbeing.
Soma 500mg, a muscle relaxant has the ability to give relief from the malaise and it treats painful conditions to provide the relaxation effect needed. In this article we will delve into the medical uses, side effects and precautionary measures to be taken while using the drug soma 500mg.


Pharmaceutical name: carisoprodol
Trade name: soma 500mg
Class of drug: carbamate
Route of administration of the drug: oral
Site of metabolism: liver
Excreted by: kidney.
Onset of action: rapid, within 30minutes.
Carisoprodol is sold under the name of soma 500mg. This drug is used in treatment of malaise caused by musculoskeletal conditions. Works by acting centrally to provide short term relief for acute musculoskeletal type of pain. Soma 500mg works by hindering with the communication between nerves in the central nervous system, especially by altering the pain pathway between the mechanoreceptors and brain and changing the perception of pain. Soma 500mg is a prescription-based medicine.
Carisoprodol is an active ingredient of soma 500mg, which also acts as an active drug. This gets metabolized in liver and enter the blood stream to produce muscle relaxing effects. It brings about sedation and alleviation of the muscle tension.


Musculoskeletal Pain caused by muscle injuries or spasms, rigidity, muscle tension and malaise caused by them, is primarily treated with soma 500mg, rest and physical therapy. It provides a short terms relief to the patient. It’s is given to people with pain arising from sprain and strain of the ligaments. The benefits are not just related to muscle spasm and pain, but beyond, soma 500mg has sedative properties, this implies that it can be given to Patients with sleep disturbances arising from muscle pain and providing feeling of wellness. Soma 500mg can help in overall recovery process by aiding in achieving more restful and peaceful sleep to the patient in pain. Furthermore, it can help in relieving anxiety and promoting calmness by its sedative effects. This is useful in patients experiencing spasms from stress related conditions or stressful Conditions.


Soma 500mg is generally Prescribe For short term usage. Its dosage may vary depending on History of the patient being treated and the severity of the condition. It’s very important to follow the prescribed amount of dose and for required amount of duration as provided by the healthcare professional while using carisoprodol.
Some medical drugs and conditions may hinder the effects of soma 500mg to create an adverse effects or side effects therefore it is essential to discuss any underlying conditions or other medications within a doctor before taking soma 500mg to ensure safety. Consumption of alcohol is not advised with soma 500mg, since it can create a heavy sedative effect on the body and cause an adverse reaction. Soma 500mg brings about drowsiness and cognitive impairment and hence tasks which required mental awareness and important tasks are to be avoided.


The most common side effects of soma 500mg include drowsiness, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. It carries the side effects like every other drug and resolves on its own when the body adjusts to the medications. In some cases, severe and serious side effects are seen, which are rarely ablating. Immediate medical attention is to be given if the person experiences rapid heartbeats and palpitations, extreme weakness, loss of coordination and balance, difficulty in breathing and dyspnoea or allergic reactions and rash from the use of carisoprodol or the medication soma 500mg.
It can also produce potent anxiolytic effect along with mild to significant dysphoria in few cases. As the therapy continues, the intensity of the side effects of carisoprodol tends to lessen up. Soma 500mg can produce withdrawal syndrome in case of development of physical dependency with its use for prolonged period of time. In severe cases it can lead to lethal status epilepticus. Abruptly disrupting the use of soma 500mg after a very prolonged time period can result in cognitive changes like increased anxiety, social phobias, chronic insomnia and agitation and aggression. Patient suffering from this are under the risk of discontinuation syndrome.


Prolonged and excessive use of this drug can lead to development of dependency and addiction. Since the euphoric effects produced by sedation of soma 500mg can calm the anxiety and nerves of the patient down, they prefer using it repeatedly to feel lighten, leading to development of drug dependency. To minimise this risk, it is very important to follow the prescription given by the healthcare provider, and to strictly avoid the use of the drug soma 500mg for extended period of time beyond what the professionals have recommended.


When being used under the guidance if a qualified healthcare provider soma 500mg can be of beneficial use like all the other drugs but keeping a surveillance on the use of drug is extremely important. Soma 500mg or carisoprodol can be a very efficient tool for relief of musculoskeletal pain and malaise. It can target with the central nervous system to reduce pain perception. It not only helps by relieving one from pain, but it also helps in alleviating discomfort, relaxing muscles and promoting relaxation and soothing calmness to the patient. When being used under the guidance it can be one of the most valuable tools in the road to recovery, treatments like physical therapy and exercises are additionally helpful for quick and stringer comeback of an individual. However, it’s very crucial to be aware of the potential side effects of carisoprodol, along with avoiding prolonged used and dependency of the drug, one should also adhere to the safety guidelines and use it only when recommended by the professionals to minimise the risk factors.


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