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Adderall 30mg

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Adderall is a drug composed of four different salts of amphetamine. It is commonly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] and other sleep disorder. In this article we are going to delve into medicinal uses and side effects of Adderall and have a brief knowledge of it. The precautionary measures are also listed below.
Adderall is known to develop dependency, overdose and severe effects. Hence, it is advisable to follow all the safety norms and prescription should be followed thoroughly.


Trade names: Adderall and Mydayis.
Combination salts:
Amphetamine aspartate
Amphetamine sulfate
Dextroamphetamine saccharate
Dextroamphetamine sulfate.
Drug class: Central nervous system stimulant.
Dependency: moderate to high
Routes of administration: oral route, rectal, sublingual, insufflation.
The drug Adderall is effectively tolerated in the body while treating patients with attention disorders and sleep disorders. At therapeutic level of doses, the Adderall drug increases muscle tone, provides resistance against fatigue, and has faster reaction time.


It is therapeutically used during treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD]. It has improved functions of several parts of brain, for example, Adderall has improved functioning of caudate nucleus and the basal ganglia.
Reviews made by the clinical stimulant research have said, the long term use of Adderall and continuous stimulant therapy for ADHD have shown reduction in the core symptoms like hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention. It is also said it reduces the risk of an individual to develop substance abuse disorder during his adulthood.


The drug is available in two forms for its uses: immediate release and the extended release formulation. The extended release formulation has is designed to provide effects on plasma concentration therapeutically. It is available in a 12- hour release formulation and a 16- hour release formulation.


Cognitive performance:
Clinical trials of the drug showed its ability to enhance the cognition level like its effect on improving long term memory and episodic memory along with attention.
Physical improvement of performance:
Used by some athletes to increase their muscle strength, endurance, acceleration and overall athletic performance in anaerobic conditions. Amphetamine also delays the onset of fatigue.


The side effects caused by Adderall are categorized in the following categories.

Physical side effects with amphetamine:

Effects on cardiovascular system includes hypertension or hypotension, tachycardia or increased heart rate, Raynaud’s phenomenon. It may also cause erectile dysfunction in males. Gastrointestinal effects include abdominal pain and discomfort, constipation, and gaseousness along with nausea. The drug has an effect on loss of appetite, blurring of vision and drying of mouth as some potential physical results caused by Adderall 

Psychological side effects:

Common side effects of amphetamine include increased levels of alertness and concentration, insomnia and wakefulness [ difficulty following asleep], the mood is elevated of a person and then suddenly depressed.  Less common side effects are general anxiety, shaky movements, irritability and increased agitation, restlessness and obsessive behaviour. Delusions and paranoia which is a form of amphetamine psychosis occurs in heavy users of the drug amphetamine. 

Reinforcement disorders with Adderall:

Addiction: amphetamine category of drugs work by “rewarding brain” phenomenon, providing positive feeling and effects, while it develops addiction. 

Dependence: after prolong exposure to drug, dependency of Adderall is developed, which can manifest as physical or psychological symptoms.

Drug sensitization: after administering Adderall continuously, escalating effects are seen on an individual.

Drug withdrawal: severe symptoms occurring after the abrupt cessation of the drug.

Physical dependence: physical symptoms are seen like fatigue and delirium tremens which are the type of somatic withdrawal symptoms.

Tolerance: tolerance is developed in patients taking the drug for long time, resulting the effectiveness of drug is reduced and acclimatization occurs.


Precautions should be taken while taking the drug Adderall, a personalised approach Is followed according to the condition and severity of the patient. the healthcare provider should be informed about all the medications being taken by a patient to avoid severe adverse reaction. It also has high potential to cause overdose, when taken unsupervised. The overdose can be fatal and life threatening since Adderall acts as a stimulant of the nervous system. In some cases, it has known to cause respiratory depression and death.
Adderall has the capacity to develop dependency if taken in extra amount or over a long period of time. Hence, the doses should be given under the guidance of a medical expert. Abrupt termination of the drug can cause withdrawal symptoms and therefore, the doses should be reduced slowly and then finally stop. This should be done following the advice of a medical professional or a healthcare expert. Studies are been conducted of its use during pregnancy and on infants. Hence, it is not advised to be given to those.
The healthcare professional should make the patient aware about all the potential side effects and adverse reactions the drug can cause. The patient should contact the emergency services in any case of development of severe abnormalities and withdrawal like effects.


To summarize the article, Adderall is an amphetamine class of drug, formed by four different amphetamine salts to form a therapeutic and medicinally beneficial combination. It is a drug with rates of ability to develop dependency and its ability to cause withdrawal symptoms to an individual. It is a drug used mostly in treatment of narcolepsy that is a kind of sleep disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. it has many side effects and adverse reaction on the body of an individual, which range from physical side effects to psychological side effects along with recreational effects. Precautionary measures are always advised while taking any kind of stimulant of the central nervous system. Adderall should always be taken under the guidance of a medical expert and/or a professional healthcare provider. Remember, one should always contact the medical helpline number in case of worsening of symptoms.


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